Ekelmans Advocaten is our new name

Ekelmans Advocaten is our new name

Ekelmans Advocaten is our new name 1600 898 Ekelmans Advocaten
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As of today we are called Ekelmans Advocaten – Insurance & Corporate. We have added ‘Insurance & Corporate’ as that encapsulates our expertise and client base.

Our firm’s new name as of today is Ekelmans Advocaten – Insurance & Corporate. ‘Insurance & Corporate’ refers to our firm’s focus. It stands for the specialist expertise of our lawyers and the fields of law in which they support their clients. Along with the name change, we have a new corporate style and a refurbished office.

Director Andrea van de Velde on the name and focus: “As an organization, we have gone for a more clearly defined profile in recent years and now we are aligning our name and image with this. Ekelmans is already a familiar name in the market and it is easier for international clients. Insurance & Corporate is our signature dish as it were, showcasing the best of what we have to offer.”

“Insurance & Corporate encapsulates our expertise and client base. ‘Insurance’ refers to our years of experience working with domestic and international insurers. We are specialized in the areas of law that are relevant to them, such as insurance and liability law. ‘Corporate’ refers to the companies we work with, the fields of law in which we assist them and the professional approach that our clients expect from us.”

Most Ekelmans Advocaten clients are companies operating in professional services, industry, corporate finance, insurance or health care.

The firm’s Corporate practice group supports companies with contracts, M&A, employment law, litigation and appeals in cassation. The Insurance practice group deals primarily with insurance and liability law. In addition to these two groups, our German Desk and Privacy Desk also offer an extensive range of services.


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