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Your organisation collects, stores, and provides personal data on a large scale. The legislation that governs this data processing is complex, even more so when special category data is involved.

Personal data indispensable when providing a service

You often have no alternative but to use personal data in many of your processes if you want to provide a good service. The legislation that governs this data processing is complex. You need to satisfy the strict requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the associated Implementation Act and the codes of conduct applicable in your sector. The lawyers who staff our Privacy Desk will work with you to determine how best to protect your personal data and other confidential information.


Your organisation processes personal data on a large scale. You need that personal data for your core processes but you also wish to comply with all the rules and protect privacy. These two goals are not always easy to reconcile. Our lawyers can help you here.

When developing new products or services, creative solutions may sometimes be required in order to remain compliant with privacy legislation. The Ekelmans Advocaten Privacy Desk helps you use personal data optimally for commercial purposes while still guaranteeing the privacy of your customers.

Cyber security

Your organisation has a great deal of confidential data. That is not just personal data — increasing amounts of company information are now available electronically as well. All this data is extremely valuable; if it ended up in the wrong hands, this could lead to serious commercial and reputational damage. The lawyers at our Privacy Desk will gladly examine the impact of cyber security on your business operations with you.

Confidential data in good hands

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Privacy Desk

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