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Non-life Insurance

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You face pressures as a non-life insurer: the cost of claims is increasing, competition is fierce and there is a demand for insuring larger risks and new kinds of risks. Innovative power and flexibility are required if you are to offer your customers appropriate solutions for the specific risks they incur. Ekelmans Advocaten can advise you on the legal niceties of your insurance products

Ekelmans Advocaten represents the interests of both large and niche insurers and the parties they insure. Not only do we offer legal support, we can also advise clients on compliance and the setup for processes.

We are specialists in the areas of acceptance, assessing cover and disputes about cover, handling claims, the development of insurance products and preventing fraud. We advise clients on these topics and conduct litigation where necessary. We always investigate the possibility of recovering damage from the parties responsible or other insurers.

The topics that we deal with on a regular basis include the following:

  • Professional liability: for example, liability insurance for accountants, lawyers, civil-law notaries, doctors, insurance brokers, tax consultants, construction companies, structural engineers, architects, bailiffs, IT service providers, estate agents, and patent agents;
  • Business liability: examples include corporate liability insurance, contractors’ all risks insurance, assembly insurance, fire insurance and goods/stock insurance;
  • Personal injury: including employers’ liability insurance, occupational disability insurance and traffic accidents;
  • Sick-leave insurance, own risk bearer insurance for the Resumption of Work (Partially Disabled Persons) Regulations (WGA): for example, giving advice and conducting legal proceedings regarding private incapacity-for-work insurance, support in the implementation of sick-leave and WGA insurance policies, and advice concerning the communication between WGA insurers and the tax authority;
  • Combatting fraud: drawing on our wide-ranging experience, our Fraud team can assist you in preventing fraud, investigating instances of fraud and taking legal action against fraudsters;
  • Privacy: for example, questions about whether special category data can be exchanged, about screening employees or about setting up a data processing agreement.

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