Diederik Hulsbergen-Ekelmans Advocaten
Diederik Hulsbergen-Ekelmans Advocaten

Diederik Hulsbergen


In his work as a lawyer Diederik Hulsbergen handles a wide range of issues relating to insurance law, such as professional liability and questions concerning health insurance fraud or policy terms and conditions.



Diederik enjoys the challenge of formulating arguments to support or refute accusations in liability and insurance law. For him, thinking about how you can recover losses and from whom is not dissimilar to detective work.

Diederik has highly developed analytical skills. He is able to unearth the details that matter and utilize them to strengthen his arguments and help his clients.


While at university, Diederik worked for a legal advice centre and as a legal officer for a personal injury firm. This experience taught him to critically examine all the terms and conditions and the possible obstacles to the successful completion of a case. In addition, Diederik wrote (and still writes!) informative blogs on important legal questions and topics in liability law.


Diederik graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Law from Utrecht University in 2020. In 2021, he completed his Master’s in Private Law at the University of Amsterdam. Diederik combined his love of football and the law in his dissertation on the employer’s liability for acute and chronic brain damage in professional footballers.

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