Simone Eman-Ekelmans Advocaten

Simone Eman


Simone Eman gives advice and conducts litigation on professional liability, directors’ liability, and insurance law more generally. She also assists insurance companies dealing with questions concerning cover, personal injury and product liability.



In professional liability cases, Simone is engaged by liability insurers to represent lawyers, notaries, estate agents and mediators, among others.

Simone is highly analytical and quick to indentify the essence of a case. This lets her accurately assess the risks and opportunities and advise on the best strategy for the case. The insured persons appreciate the way in which Simone is able to present their point of view in a clear, comprehensible manner.


Simone studied Dutch law at the University of Amsterdam. During her Bachelor’s, she spent six months at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. During her degree studies, she did the honours programme and worked as a legal employee in a large law firm. She joined Ekelmans as a lawyer in 2018.

Before Simone started her law degree, she attended fashion college; she has also worked on a freelance basis for fashion brands and magazines. This experience taught her to set priorities, agree realistic deadlines and stick to them with iron self-discipline. She still benefits from these skills as a lawyer.

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