Dutch law in German

If you collaborate with a German-speaking company or if your company is the subsidiary of a German company, for example, our specialized lawyers can help you with your cross-border activities.

Nuances and differences in interpretation

Misunderstandings often arise when doing business abroad because of the differences between countries in their legal systems. The language barrier does not help either. Negotiations between Dutch and German business partners are often conducted in German, but this frequently results in interpretation differences, while nuances can also be ‘lost in translation’.

Our international German Desk team is specialized in giving Dutch and German clients legal advice and assistance in their cross-border activities. Because we understand both Dutch law and German law, we are able to explain the differences to lawyers working for a German company or law firm.

The differences are not only in the laws themselves but also in the procedures and practices. For example, people in the Netherlands are more likely to try and negotiate a deal whereas in Germany they resort to litigation sooner. Our firm has an outstanding track record in litigation but we often prefer other methods for settling disputes.

Businesspeople also frequently see a cultural difference in the rules and regulations. Broadly speaking, Germany has more rules and they are observed according to a literal interpretation. The Netherlands has fewer rules and the tendency is to look at what was intended rather than the literal interpretation.

It would be impossible for German lawyers, whether working for a company or a law firm, to master all the finer points of Dutch law. That is why our specialist team assists legal counsels and lawyers with practical advice and legal assistance in their activities in the Netherlands.

Lost in translation

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