Fleur van Kersbergen: the most solid mentor

Fleur van Kersbergen: the most solid mentor

Fleur van Kersbergen: the most solid mentor 1400 1082 Ekelmans Advocaten
Fleur van Kersbergen
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We are proud to announce that Fleur van Kersbergen has been described “the most solid mentor” by the jury tasked with selecting the mentor of the year.

We congratulate Mareine Callemeijn, who won the ‘best mentor of the year award’.

Fleur is a lawyer specialised in insurance law and a mentor to Simone Eman during the first three years of her career. Simone says about Fleur: “Fleur is not only a great lawyer, but an excellent teacher as well. In her feedback, Fleur always emphasizes the learning process. As far as I’m concerned, Fleur is not the mentor of the year, but the mentor of the century!”

With three other lawyers, Fleur was nominated for the title ‘Best mentor of the year’. The jury says to be impressed with her thoroughness and her modesty. Her approach ‘tough on issues and gentle with people’ proves to be successful.

Coaching and training of our young lawyers is a top priority for our firm. An excellent mentor makes an important contribution to this.


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