Anne-Mieke Dumoulin-Siemens-Ekelmans Advocaten
Anne-Mieke Dumoulin-Siemens-Ekelmans Advocaten

Anne-Mieke Dumoulin-Siemens


Anne-Mieke Dumoulin-Siemens is a specialist in corporate law and privacy law. She is an expert sparring partner for (international) commercial enterprises and non-profit organisations. Clients value her legal advice because of its practical and commercial feasibility.



Anne-Mieke advises (international) companies and non-profit organisations on the development of their activities and its legal consequences. She handles corporate governance issues, drafts shareholder agreements and commercial contracts and supervises mergers and acquisitions. Anne-Mieke litigates in shareholder disputes and contractual disputes.

Clients can turn to Anne-Mieke for legally sound advice that can also be put into practice. She is appreciated for her concise and speedy responses.

In the run-up to the GDPR coming into force, Anne-Mieke received an increasing number of questions from entrepreneurs about privacy law. She began to study this subject in depth and is now a certified privacy specialist. She advises organisations on the implementation of privacy legislation. Her knowledge of privacy also comes in handy in corporate law cases: for example, privacy conditions are increasingly included in contracts.


Before joining Ekelmans, Anne-Mieke worked at law firms in The Hague and Rotterdam in the field of corporate law and privacy law. She also worked as a privacy law specialist at a renowned international law firm in Germany. During her stays in England and Germany, Anne-Mieke developed knowledge of cultural aspects within an organisation. This experience, combined with her legal expertise, makes Anne-Mieke an involved and pragmatic advisor for Dutch based and internationally operating companies.

Besides her work as a lawyer, Anne-Mieke teaches company law via SDU and she annotates company law judgments for JIN G (Jurisprudentie in Nederland Geannoteerd).


Anne-Mieke graduated cum laude from the Grotius specialist course in company and corporate law. She is also a certified privacy specialist (CIPP/E and CIPM). Anne-Mieke studied private law at Leiden University. She also successfully completed an LLM European Law at London University.

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