Transactions by your company nearly always have tax implications. Our tax experts help you to assess those implications, for example when you enter into a partnership or arrange financing.

Tax aspects of transactions

The tax aspects of transactions nearly always play an important role. Sometimes they constitute challenges but they may also offer opportunities. Our tax experts help you assess the tax implications -for example of purchase and sale transactions, mergers and acquisitions, private equity, and employee ownership plans- and coordinate matters where necessary with the opposing party or the tax authority.

We advocate a proactive and pragmatic approach; transactions and arrangements should be designed to be an optimum fit for you and your company.

Our tax experts look for the structure that is right for you and your company. We identify and assess the tax risks, for example in a due diligence audit. We also regularly advise on the tax aspects of giving your employees a stake in your company, for example by issuing shares, options, depositary receipts or share appreciation rights (SARs). If necessary, we negotiate with the tax authority on the tax implications of your plan’s implementation.

We have experience in designing company structures and helping make changes to those structures. We are also experienced in managing relations with the tax authority and resolving any disputes with the authority. We always alert you to potential risks in good time.


Many foreign clients (companies, private equity funds and private individuals) invest in the Netherlands, work here, or use the country as a base. Our expertise and experience let us liaise with foreign consultants to find a setup that is appropriate for your business.


Disputes concerning tax can arise in the Netherlands or internationally. Most disputes are with the tax authority but tax aspects also regularly play a role in disputes between companies and individuals, for example when a person is charged with liability. Ekelmans Advocaten has considerable experience in resolving disputes of this nature and conducting litigation to tackle them.

A proactive and pragmatic approach

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