Restructuring and Financing

There are many reasons why you may need to restructure your corporate setup or other aspects of your enterprise or concern. Ekelmans Advocaten has considerable experience with corporate restructuring.

Corporate restructuring

Restructuring and insolvency require careful attention but they also offer opportunities. We are happy to help you protect your interests if changes have to be made or a serious situation is developing. Better still, we can help you exploit the opportunities such circumstances present. That may involve looking at the company structure or at financing options.

We can advise you on restructuring as part of a strategy for the medium to long term, or in a hectic situation when problems arise requiring immediate action. An example might be the threat of a cash-flow problem, or pressure from the banks. But disagreements between shareholders or between the different bodies running the company can also be a reason to review the current structures. You can use an amendment to the articles of association, a shareholders’ agreement or standing orders to clarify the division of power between the various stakeholders. We can help you design a corporate structure.

Restructuring is also an important instrument for a company dealing with financial problems. In an economic downturn, you may find you are unable to fulfil key repayment obligations or even pay the wages of your staff. Even high-performing companies can run into problems if they have substantial financing costs. We will be happy to help you find a solution that safeguards the future of your business.


In the interests of your business’s future, it is a good idea to regularly review your loans and financing arrangements.

We can advise you on financing, refinancing and collateral, from cross-border syndicated LMA financing for tens of millions of euros to financing by national banks or intra-group loans and intercompany current accounts, with all the associated corporate and personal collateral. This includes establishing security rights (pledges on shares or mortgages) and issuing legal opinions.

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