Legal 500, 2024-7

Legal 500, 2024-7 300 300 Ekelmans Advocaten

‘Very professional, reliable and cooperative.’

Legal 500, 2024-6

Legal 500, 2024-6 300 300 Ekelmans Advocaten

‘The team of Ekelmans is very experienced and professional. Our cooperation with several specialized lawyers of their team has always been at a high quality level. It is a pleasure to work with them. Ekelmans is a knowledge partner in several domains of our association of insurers.’

Legal 500, 2024-5

Legal 500, 2024-5 300 300 Ekelmans Advocaten

‘The kindness of the people, the knowledge, their principles, their fast way of working.’

Legal 500, 2024-4

Legal 500, 2024-4 300 300 Ekelmans Advocaten

‘Consistent quality and thorough approach to litigation, combined with an honourable style.’

Legal 500, 2024-3

Legal 500, 2024-3 300 300 Ekelmans Advocaten

‘Ekelmans team is a highly competitive firm with no match regarding corporate/insurance work. The team understands the commercial and practical aspects of the insurance industry like no other.’

Chambers 2023-1

Chambers 2023-1 300 300 Ekelmans Advocaten

‘Ekelmans are always willing to help and always willing to go the extra mile.’

Legal 500, 2023-5

Legal 500, 2023-5 300 300 Ekelmans Advocaten

‘Ekelmans and Astrid van Noort are heads on, proactive and highly professional.’

Legal 500, 2023-1

Legal 500, 2023-1 300 300 Ekelmans Advocaten

‘(..) the office has clout and extensive specialist knowledge’

Chambers 2022-1

Chambers 2022-1 300 300 Ekelmans Advocaten

‘One client highlights that the firm’s team is made up of smart people with a lot of knowledge who are still really friendly and social.’

Legal 500, 2022-10

Legal 500, 2022-10 300 300 Ekelmans Advocaten

‘Not only do they give well-founded legal advice, they also know how to solve insurance issues in a more pragmatic way, while taking into account the interests of all parties involved. Something that is essential in the insurance business.’

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